Health is the most precious resource to be guarded starting from youth and maintained throughout life, and in case the problems occur you must consult the specialists.

People often encounter difficulties in receiving correct diagnosing and inappropriate service, absence of a required treatment method, innovative approaches and highly specialized healthcare institutions in the country of origin.

There are multitude reasons to provide diagnostics, medical treatment, rehabilitation, wellness programs abroad and technical issues concerning these trips are no less.

Our professionals are always ready to organize unique complex program of medical travel to Germany,Austria, Switzerland and Spain individually for you:

  • Optimal clinic and specialists selection based on client-provided medical documents about previous examinations and relevant results (extracts from patient record, medical reports, laboratory tests etc.)
  • Leading European experts consultation
  • Treatment cost estimate, diagnostics and trip budgeting
  • Translation of essential medical documents
  • Travel, accommodation and transfer formalities organization
  • Qualified interpreter support
  • Visa and passport organization issues support
  • 24/7 telephone support during the trip period
  • Confidentiality

We understand the importance of medical tourism for people and feel highly responsible providing services to our clients, fully meeting your needs with sincere wishes of wellness and happiness to you.

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