"Johnny Besand" is a travel company with 100% Swiss investments, European approach to business and ethical principles in work.

Our mission is to expand the horizons of people.


All people are striving to be happy. So the word "happiness" has an individual meaning for everybody and is composed of different little parts. But you can fully enjoy this beautiful state of mind only in case of self-realization in all important spheres of life activity, which may be identified by wide area of thought and desire to learn.

Johnny Besand

Each request is important for us.

Each our client is privileged.


Our relations with customers are based on openness, mutual understanding, respect and individual approach to each of our clients: from the development and implementation of the travel program to planning and informational support of the future trips.

We take responsibility for consumer rights, current laws and ethical standards.

We appreciate your time and individuality - that’s why we are self-critical in the pursuit of the absolute ideal, providing services with Swiss precision and confidentiality.

Contract with us - is a strong shoulder of a true friend

Each our partner is privileged


Our relations with other companies are tender-based and maintained by the long-term cooperations

In choosing partners, we are guided by the following principles:

  • Reliability and decency
  • Honesty in work with clients and suppliers
  • Conformity with price-quality criteria
  • Compliance with current law and especially with anti-corruption, information security and competition laws
  • Conformity with Johnny Besand standards and values


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