Scientists have discovered a gene responsible for fractures

Opening is going to make a breakthrough in the treatment of osteoporosis.

A group of scientists from Harvard Medical School (Boston) in a survey of 500 thousand. Healthy people and 3 thousand., Who was diagnosed with osteoporosis, found a specific gene. Allele, known as EN1, is responsible for the bone density in the human skeleton. People with increased bone fragility, this gene is in a modified state.

The researchers also found that the EN1 stimulates regeneration of bone tissue in violation of the integrity of the bone. Also, after the transferred gene fracture "remembers" derived from nerve pain receptors and subsequent trauma to the bone injury inhibits the feeling of pain.

The researchers believe that their discovery of the ability to make a breakthrough in the treatment of osteoporosis. Drug stimulation of gene functioning EN1 will increase bone strength.


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