Neuchatel wine festival

Every year on the last weekend of September in Neuchâtel (Neuchatel) passes Celebration vintage - the famous «Wine Festival» (Neuchatel Wine Festival). Three days (Friday to Sunday), cafes, bars, street stands selling wine and music bands enliven the old city and make life more fun and festive. It is known that grapes grown on the slopes began in Neuchatel more than ten centuries ago. Not surprisingly, the grape harvest is celebrated in this colorful and noisy festival. This holiday, which might be called the hallmark of Switzerland dates back to 1902. Every year this celebration gathers around 150 thousand people. The festival program includes a walk through the vineyards and wine tasting. In addition, offers entertainment for every taste: fairground rides for thrill-seekers, "confetti" battle for those who know how to keep his mouth shut. Local amateur brass bands played "guggen music." Wine tasting is happening all over the city: in cafes, restaurants, and even on the streets, where special selling wine racks are installed. All this is accompanied by a procession of musicians on the streets of the city. On Saturday evening all participants and guests of the Festival of wine waiting for the parade of the best brass bands in Europe and floral procession.

The culmination of the festival comes on Sunday when the final pass pageant: the streets decorated with flowers drive through colorful platform, representing a particular subject, such as the history of the country or of the famous fairy tale. Participants of the rally strewn all around confetti and flower petals everywhere heard music and cheers of spectators.


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