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Dearest Friends,

We are glad to present you Community values of Johnny Besand’ Friends, as well as core reasons to establish it. By our very nature we are both idealistic and self-biased, however, once we’ve realized there is nothing perfect about the world. It’s also clear, there is no reason to stop moving forward. Living has not to be ideal to be perfect. But everyone has its own sense of “perfect living”, it depends on life experience, values and priorities. For us, life is perfect in comfort, all the ways it appears:

  • people in your life and happiness we benefit from kind and friendly relations with them;
  • welfare and high-quality services we receive from different areas;
  • ability to fulfil our potential in creative projects, which serve humanity and make our world better.

Though, it may be realized only among friends, professional team of adherents, we believe the larger family - the easier to reach success.

Our hearts open wide,

Johnny Besand's Team



Community of Johnny Besand Friends is the synergetic platform where business and people can freely communicate, grounding on core principles of morality, culture, respect, integrity and social responsibility.

Community of Johnny Besand Friends and our partners are committed to adhere the highest standards of professional ethics and values.

Ethical standards presuppose a particular course of conduct, inspired and anticipated by society.

Ethical values , in turn, are the concentrated concept of what community consider to be desirable, important and morally right to do. Values appear to be an evaluation criteria for our own and other people’ deeds as well.

Community of Johnny Besand Friends’ Members

  • Friends are individuals who share the vision of community and are eager to be the part of it, obtaining a friend card – «Synergy card».
  • Partners are legal entities, who share the vision of community and are eager to be the part of it within a partner programme «Business side by side».


«The development of healthful and comfortable vital space»,

appears in practical goals:

  • Multiply and increase community engaging new members (friends and partners);
  • Awake the untapped marketing potential of community members to serve the society’s well being;
  • Improve the quality of products and services via constructive analysis of community friends’ feedback, and , thus, developing the improvement recommendations for community partners;
  • Realize social projects and organize featured events in following areas: education, sport, wellness, gastronomic, inspiring and harmonizing.


As the members of «Johnny Besand Friends’ Community», we:

  • Creating, not breaking. We presuppose conscious denial of harmful actions or inactions the essence of which is to meet the highest ethical standards, laws and rules in force.
  • Follow «The golden rule of morality», which says: «Treat people as you want them to treat you». It means we build the relations grounded on: transparency, integrity, responsibility, justice, benevolence and respect.
  • We reject discrimination on grounds of race, skin colour, gender, age, origin, gender identity, nationality, religion,sexual orientation, disability, marital status etc.


As the partners of «Johnny Besand Friends’ Community», we share and follow such values as:

Integrity and responsibility – we are honest with our clients, partners and involved parties, which means:

  • Pursue to be honest in all the ways and means;
  • Be responsible for our actions or inactions;
  • Pursue to meet our clients and partners’ needs;
  • Faithfully fulfil our obligations over partners and involved parties;
  • Do not participate in unlawful activities and do not support corrupt activities;
  • Being conscious about our responsibility towards future generations, we act environmental friendly.

Justice – we manage the fair balance between client’s needs and vendor’s interests, as follows:

  • We promote and sell products/services faithfully and accessible via any mean of communication. It means there is no false or misleading promotion;;
  • We do not use manipulation or sales tactics, which might make harm to our clients’ trust. It means we consciously deny such tactics, as «Price fixing» , «Predatory pricing», «Price gouging», «Bait-and-switch» etc.;
  • We neither support nor create the conflict of interests;

Respect – we acknowledge the value of human dignity of all the involved parties, which means:

  • We honor individual differences of each person and avoid stereotypes;
  • We forbid and action that might be treated as violence, threatening, human dignity humiliation, intimidation or misconduct compulsion;
  • We respect one’s private life and strictly follow the principles of client's personal data protection, as well as employees’ and partners’..


As the members of «Johnny Besand Friends’ Community», we share and follow such principles as:

  • Cooperation – Our self-organization for the sake of life-improvement idea gives us the power to realize it;
  • Participation – Our cohesion and participation in community projects enforces their positive effect;
  • Opportunities – The increase of the community’s potential equal to its members growing potential.


Community Friends may:

  • receive privileges and discounts from partners;
  • participate in featured events of community;
  • present meaningful proposals concerning improvements and development within community;
  • organize work groups and initiate projects within community missions;
  • participate in community’s social polls.

Community’s partner programme «Business side by side»:

Partners may:

  • post in the on-line community catalugue;
  • participate in cross-marketing activities at;
  • present meaningful proposals concerning improvements and development within community;
  • organize work groups and initiate projects within community missions;
  • participate in community’s social poll;
  • provide sponsorship support to community events.

Partners accept obligations to promote the community, by such means as:

  • participate in loyalty programme «Synergy Card» (optional: special privileges / friendly discounts);
  • spread community cards «Synergy Card» among employees and clients of a partner (along with the filled registration questionnaires, to authorize the friends);
  • place the community icon on partner’s website (with partner’s catalogue page link and the news about community membership;
  • place informative materials of community at vending spots and info-sticker(at the entrance).

Travel company Johnny Besand™ serves as the community consolidator.

Contact details:

17-B, Yaroslaviv Val, Str 01054 Kyiv Ukraine.

 +38 044 501 32 42; +38 044 234 09 62