Chocolate Day at the Kiev Golf Center

Dear friends!

We are glad to please you with a new drawing together with the draw partner - Kiev Golf Club! A delicacy that almost no one can refuse ... Choco Fiesta - June 17-18 - the first sweet and incendiary festival of chocolate and culture in Latin America, the home of such a valuable product as cocoa. At the Festival, everyone will find entertainment to their liking: The abundance of chocolate in its various manifestations-hard, liquid, dark and dairy, crafted chocolate and handmade chocolates, elite chocolate brands like Ukrainian, and a presentation of the premium brand of organic chocolate from Ecuador, various desserts, Drinks and cocktails, as well as sculptures, chocolate fountains, cosmetics, perfumes.

In addition, master classes, activities for children, lectures from experts on the mysterious history of the origin of cocoa and much more ...


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