Festival of Lights in Berlin

Festival of Lights in Berlin (Festival of Lights) - a large-scale light action when historical and architectural sights of the city at night are the objects of light installations. It takes place annually since 2005 in the second half of October and lasts for 10 days. The cultural life of Berlin, like any other capital of the world, full of events all year round. Here and in the autumn held here a lot of interesting events, one of which is undoubtedly the Festival of Light, where residents and visitors of Berlin can literally see the city in a whole new light. Every year thousands of tourists eager to come to this festival, and each year it amazes by its originality and uniqueness. Billions of colored lights on the facades of historic buildings and monuments, fireworks and hundreds of spotlights flash at night, driving the autumn gloom over the capital of Germany and turning the city into a fairy tale. "Light a light, let it shine" - a specially composed hymn festival. He conceived and organized this action Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit. The purpose of this event was the idea to show that night, the city is not less beautiful than the day, and more - how to play this symphony using fireworks, laser and light. The first festival was held in 2005 and immediately became very popular. Today he has a goal to not only show in Berlin "favorable light", but also demonstrates the great importance played by the lighting to create a favorable atmosphere in the modern city, where there is a steady increase in urbanization. But many citizens believe that artists and craftsmen open the festival guests the true face of their hometown - a little mysterious and enigmatic. The festival involved more than 70 world-famous historical buildings and places Traditionally, the event involved more than 70 world-famous historical buildings and sites, including - the Brandenburg Gate, Alexander Square (Alexandrplatz), TV Tower, the Victory Column "Golden Elsa" Unter den Linden, the Berlin House of facades, the Berlin cathedral, the Pergamon museum, the building on the Museum Island, Central Station, Castle Charlottenburg, the residence of the chancellor, aquarium complex «DomAquaree» and others. Many unique illumination and light projections are made on a high professional level, and they can see anyone, just walking the streets. To increase the comfort of movement during the festival in Berlin Buses «LightLiner», sowing in which guests can explore all the light composition. For all festival evenings and nights for residents and guests in addition to the special buses also operate river buses, bicycle taxi and even a balloon. All these modes of transport are also decorated with colorful lights. The festival allows you to see the city in a new light In addition to the light installations in the festival program take place and a variety of cultural and recreational activities, tours and music concerts, laser shows and fireworks. Of course, these days, or rather in the evening and late into the night will be opened bars, restaurants and even museums. The festival night marathon «City Light Run», in which participants will make a 10-kilometer race in the center of Berlin. Brandenburg Gate will be the place to start and finish. A good tradition has become an exhibition of photographs telling about the festival in Berlin the night, some time after the event. The Germans are proud of their ancient and beautiful city, many survivors, but keep the warmth and comfort, despite some awkwardness and Festival only confirms this by allowing everyone to discover a new, previously unseen Berlin. Festival of Light - this is a whole symphony, where instead of the tools used light, laser and fireworks. This is very beautiful, unusual and large-scale action will bring a lot of impressions, and adults and children.


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