On the 23rd of April, in Antalya (Turkey), the largest international exhibition EXPO 2016 was opened. The theme of this exhibition is "Flowers and Children". The exhibition runs until the end of October. The exposition area takes 112 hectares, it is believed, that the number of visitors may reach 8 million people. More than 1 million tickets has already been sold. 52 countries present their achievements in the sphere of gardening.

The symbol of this exhibition is a 114-meter high observation tower "EXPO -Tower", which gets its energy from solar panels. There you can find: the world's first "Museum of Agriculture and biodiversity", Turkey's largest convention center on 6,500 private street with restaurants, children's island, the Center for Science and Technology, the numerous exhibition halls . The slogan of the exhibition is: "Green world for future generations", so most of the exhibition is occupied by gardens and parks, to present new biotechnology and modern landscape design. China has placed the garden "Moonstone" (3150 square meters), Japanese garden area (1200 meters square). Also you sould see: Nepal - "The Garden of the Himalayas", Turkey - "The Garden of the times of the Ottoman Empire", with fountains, statues, sundials, walkways, cobblestone natural stone. Specially for EXPO 2016 more than 120 plant species and more than 25 thousand trees were planted. The organizers announced concerts, theatrical performances and musicals, as well as: symposia, congresses and workshops in the open air. Expo 2016 was opened with a magnificent show.

Symbol of EXPO 2016 - Tower TÜRKSELL KULESİ, made in the form of Hadrian's Gate arch - the symbol of the other attraction of Antalya - Old Town KALEİÇİ ...

Entrance to the exhibition is located next to the ticket office where you can purchase tickets for this international event.

Since May, in the congress center, with a capacity of 6,500 people and two amphitheaters with dancing fountains you may see concerts of such famous bands like:

  • Maroon 5
  • Status Quo
  • UB40
  • Deep Purple
  • Scorpions

A full schedule of concerts:

Maroon 5 (5/5/16); Jose Carreras (07.05.16); Level42 (21.05.16); Simply Red (06.06.16); Status Quo (14.06.16); UB40 (25.06.16); Dj AFRO JACK (26.05.16); Deep Purple (05.07.16); Scorpions (14.07.16); Muse (24.07.16); Sean Paul (02.08.16); Sting (08.08.16); Dj David Guetta (07.09.16); Tarkan (20.08.16); Murat Boz (18.06.16); Ajda Pekkan (10.09.16); Teoman (06.07.16); Dj Dimitri Vegas (15.07.16)

From August 5 to September 9 world-known Cirque du Soleil will give 40 performances.

In addition, UEFA matches will be broadcasted to the huge screens in the open air

There you can also find the children's island, where entertainment means education for every child with a lot of outdoor activities.

The exhibition will be held from April 23 to October 30, 2016.

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