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Graal Restaurant

Restaurant Graal will be a godsend for those who appreciate delicious cuisine, interesting confectionery and excellent drinks. Cozy and original interior with natural materials, always attentive and polite waiters, relaxed atmosphere - in such a place it is easy to relax and relax. Fans of fruit smoke will be able to smoke in a comfortable hookah, and romantic couples - spend time on the summer terrace.

Perfect cuisine

Graal treats with exquisite European cuisine, as well as interesting author's dishes, which elegantly combine new notes and traditions of different countries. Here they pay special attention to quality: they are prepared only from natural farm products, they use su-kind and other modern sparing technologies.

To have a snack, there is a light hummus with a crispy pita, pike caviar with onion salsa, as well as a variety of bruschettes and salads. Those who want a hearty meal will be offered a creamy biscuit with seafood and chicken consomme, a farm chicken, pork fillet with couscous and pomegranate sauce, as well as a rich selection of other dishes. The chef especially recommends the author's tomato soup with a duck and chocolate sphere, which will be remembered by a non-standard taste and a bright serve.

The dishes in Graal are offered aristocratic drinks: good wines and cognacs, brandy, whiskey, vodka and many others.

Also the institution has prepared special offers:

  • breakfasts with oatmeal, cheese cakes and other useful delicacies;
  • menu siesta with three delicious business lunches;
  • a children's menu of the most useful and delicious products.

Own confectionery

Graal is especially proud of its 19 desserts of own cooking. Air biscuits, juicy honey and rich chocolate cakes, a variety of fillings - this is a real paradise for lovers of sweet. In the menu there are goodies for every taste: from cheesecake "New York" and favorite "Kiev" to the French moilé, Italian sevenfredo and special cake "Health".

You can order cocoa with marshmallow or oranges or choose something from a vast coffee card with raffine, flat coffee, branded Graal coffee and other popular items for sweets. Tea connoisseurs will be offered branded teas, classic and herbal drinks in a samovar.

Baking with you. In the coffee house you can buy pastries made from natural products without the use of powder mixtures.

Graal takes care that guests of all ages spend time interestingly, so:

  • invites vocalists and saxophonists in the evenings of Friday, Saturday and Sunday;
  • arranges games for children, culinary and creative master classes;
  • organizes events for adults.


The restaurant accepts family or corporate holidays, as well as weddings for up to 50 guests. The institution will offer services, sound equipment and cork-phi services.

For children's holidays in Graal prepared a special menu, interesting workshops, aquagrim and other entertainment.

Our address in Kiev: str. Vladimirskaya 11

Graal can be found in the historical center of the capital, next to the InterContinental hotel, between St. Sophia's and St. Michael's Cathedral in the direction of Andreevsky Descent.

Phone: +38 099 324 6481

Monday 8.00-23.00;

Tuesday 8.00-23.00;

Wednesday 8.00-23.00;

Thursday 8.00-23.00;

Friday 8.00-23.00;

Saturday 9.00-23.00;

Sunday 9.00-23.00.

Our website: http://graal.kiev.ua/