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Lviv Chocolate Workshop

Lviv since the Middle Ages was famous for its "good dessert", and already in the 19th century chocolate from Lviv was exported to the whole Europe. Together with chocolate the city gave emotions and feelings born in Lviv. With what pride you can imagine how the European aristocracy, for example, somewhere in Paris, gave on a date with a beloved chocolate sweets that were born in Lviv confectioneries. And this is not because we grew the best cocoa beans or owned extraordinary technologies, it's just that our confectioners managed to invest in every made candy, every tile of real chocolate is a small but always sweet piece of native Lviv!

And Lviv - he always knew how to work miracles. So we, using old technologies, managed to reproduce the magic formula and from now on again small paper bags with Lviv sweets take a particle of the atmosphere of our city throughout the country and the whole world. And somewhere far away, no one will understand why, when you unpack a parcel with the "chocolate" sign Lviv Chocolate Workshop, a smile appears on your face, for some reason. Because emotions are especially unrestrained, when they are with love, and even from Lviv.

* distribution of the LOCAL card with a cumulative balance

Hope you will have a unique pleasure!

Our addresses in Kiev:

Lviv chocolate workshop on Andreevsky spusk, 2 B

Lviv chocolate workshop on the street. Builders, 40

We are open: Mon-Sun. 10.00-22.00

Our website: http://www.chocolate.lviv.ua/