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Hiltl is a German company, which produces exclusively high quality trousers since 1955. Since its establishment, the company has been working with a slogan: "We never wanted to be the largest company, only the best."

The first monolith boutique HILTL in Kiev was opened on the third floor of "GULLIVER" - one of the most popular shopping malls of the capital of Ukraine.

Since the only specialization of the company starting from 1955 were trousers, the art of their tailoring had achieved unsurpassed mastery. HILTL's high-ranking product is also evidenced by the fact that the company is collaborating with reputable world-renowned fabric manufacturers like Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana and Barberis Canonico.

The quality of the trousers from Hiltl is perfect, the cut is perfect, fitting on the figure is perfect. Using the best of the past, Hiltl actively implements technological innovations. For example, in the fabric of Hiltl Smartcel Cotton trousers, Smartcel microfibre is included with the addition of wax. Thanks to such addition, the tissue independently regulates heat transfer, if necessary, removing or giving excessive heat to the body.

For cotton trousers in the Cotton Basic line, only long-fiber Egyptian Giza Cotton is used in Hiltl - it is the lightest cotton in the world - from 200 grams per square meter. m. Additional comfort is provided by handling Non Iron (the fabric does not need to be ironed after washing).

The Constant Dark trousers series is a cotton and black and dark blue color. A special feature of the ruler in a special fabric coloring technology that allows trousers to retain color even after multiple washing machine cycles.

The Hiltl Raw Sartorial collection deserves special attention. Models of this line have a trendy Italian narrowed cut, and they are especially impressed with horn buttons and hand-made details. The highlights of the collection are Silk Look Super 100's fabrics - bicolor (silk wool), natural silk Teccami Super 120's stretch and almost non-existent, thanks to the high tensile fiber HighPerformance 100%. In this line, customers will find a huge selection of colored woolen fabrics with the addition of flax.

Our company is an official representative of the Hiltl brand in Ukraine. The store always has an assortment of topical collections and trousers. A wide range of sizes will allow you to choose trousers with the perfect fit on the figure, as if tailor-made tailor-made.

Our address in Kiev: Sportyvna sq. 1, shopping center "GULLIVER", 3rd floor.

Phone: 0-800-210-192