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Alpen Pharma

In the name of health! - "In the name of health!"

Alpen Pharma Group of Companies is a large international association of pharmaceutical companies, founded in 1997. The main office of the company "Alpen Pharma Group" is located in the city, which is an internationally recognized symbol of reliability and success - in the capital of Switzerland, Bern. Numerous representative offices of the company are located in the territory of Asia, Western and Eastern Europe. And in 2007 the Representative Office of "Alpen Pharma AG" was opened in Ukraine, in Kiev.

A special pride of the company "Alpen Pharma Group" is its own pharmaceutical factory for the production of original standardized phytopreparations - the plant "Dr. Gustav Klein GmbH ", which was founded in 1946 (!). The plant is located in the most ecologically clean area of Germany - in the Black Forest, where medicinal plants for medicines produced by them are grown.

The company "Alpen Pharma Group" is a stable, socially responsible and ethical company, carrying innovative methods of treatment and prevention of diseases to the society. The activities of Alpen Pharma Group are aimed at maintaining and preserving health and beauty, as well as improving the quality of life of many millions of people on the planet.

For almost 20 years, the company has been continuously producing and promoting original, natural, standardized medicines of European quality, the effectiveness and safety of which has been proved by many years of successful experience in millions of patients in dozens of countries around the world.

The secret of the success of Alpen Pharma Group lies in a noble mission - "In the name of health!", As well as in its main values, such as: professionalism, responsibility for the effectiveness and safety of drugs. The company "Alpen Pharma Group" strives to meet the expectations and meet the needs of each client: a patient, a doctor, a pharmacist. After all, they are the main responsibility of the company.

Our address: Kyiv, Pushcha-Voditsa, ul. Lesnaya 30-A

Our website: http://www.alpenpharma.ua/