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Eco flow - this is not just a fashion trend of our time or a tribute to fashion, it is a necessity dictated by the crazy rhythm of life, where a person needs to be in good shape all the time. Therefore, we try to surround ourselves with things and an atmosphere that help us totake a pause and just be on our own. Restore, relax, look inside yourself. What if not being close to nature contributes to this? That's why we chose the eco direction, as the basis of our philosophy.

When choosing cosmetics, we focus on its high quality, safety and naturalness.

Our salon is not just a set of services and a beautiful interior. A salon is, above all, a team. A team of like-minded people, for whom creativity means life.

  • We love to transform people, to give a sense of novelty and joy.
  • We love to create, change, experiment.
  • We love to keep up with the times, not forgetting to respect traditions.
  • We strive for growth and perfection in everything.
  • We love being happy and give this happiness to others.

We are waiting for you at: Kyiv, Geroev Stalingrada avenue, 12-G

Tel. +38 044-353-24-84 mob. + 38 050-463-63-67

Work schedule: Mon-Sun. From 9.30 to 20.00