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ETERNA company has been creating the best men's shirts in Europe for more than 150 years. ETERNA.in.ua is the official distributor of the company in Ukraine.

The history of the empire of fashionable shirts began more than 150 years ago, in 1863. It was from those times that the company Eterna Mode GmbH was founded by the two brothers Hengigsberg.

At a knitting factory in Vienna, they were not just sewing shirts, but also doing real scientific work! Soon after the foundation, the brand developed and patented the unique technology of a rigid double collar, which is still in use today.

Today, Eterna is a well-known and famous brand, which shirts and blouses are worn all over the world. Traditional German quality, innovation and narrow specialization - these are the basic principles that have been a red thread throughout the history of ETERNA. And we are happy to announce that today you can buy the original shirts and blouses of the company, which we bring directly from the logistics center in Passau (Bavaria).

For you, we provide the entire range of ETERNA shirts:

  • Shirts and blouses for everyday wearing;
  • Premium shirts and blouses 1863 by ETERNA;
  • Shirts and blouses of fitted cut SLIM FIT;
  • Shirts and blouses made of Non Iron cloth, not requiring ironing.

We are also pleased to offer you ETERNA Jerseys (sweaters, pullovers, blazers), polo shirts and brand accessories (ties, cufflinks, scarves, scarves, etc.)

At the moment, you can buy ETERNA shirts in monobrand stores, and also order on our website. This is an exclusive product for people with good taste - timeless classics, harmoniously complemented by fresh elements and diluted with unexpected color solutions.

Our website: http://eterna.ua/

Phone: 0-800-210-192

Our addresses in Kiev:

  • "TSUM"
  • Mall "Lavina Mall"
  • "Gulliver" shopping and entertainment center
  • Ocean Plaza mall