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Eduard Dressler

Eduard Dressler is a German classic men's clothing brand in the premium segment.

The brand Eduard Dressler has been producing men's clothing since 1929. Since its foundation, the company has identified the main benchmarks in tailoring: quality fabrics and maximum of manual labor when sewing a suit.

Fabrics are exclusively manufactured in Italy and are used to make jackets and suits, some of which are developed exclusively for Eduard Dressler products. All work focuses on our own production lines directly in Europe, which allows us to carry out comprehensive control of every step of the production process.

In the manufacture of each jacket and suit, manual work is used, due to which the products have anatomically optimum cutting and precise fit. The costume is "gathered" from more than 160 individual elements, each of that is given the correct anatomical form, and the cutting of the tissue goes through more than 200 work stages, so that someone in the mirror shop could look in the mirror and understand "this is it"!

The designers of the brand offer three silhouettes for various types of constructions: a slim and fitted Slim Fit, a comfortable fitted modern Shaped Fit silhouette and a classic comfortable Comfort fit silhouette with the ability to fit on different growths - standard, high and low. This approach provides a harmonious silhouette regardless of the size, comfort and freedom of movement, and of course, an impeccable landing.

In the conceptual spaces of the brand with a 90-year history, harmoniously combined collections are presented as: flawless suits and jackets, as well as outerwear, trousers in classical and casual styles, knitwear, shirts and accessories.

Our addresses in Kiev:

TsUM, st. Khreshchatyk 38;

LavinaMall shopping mall, st. Berkovetska 6d;

Our address in Lviv:

Victoria Gardens shopping mall, ul. Kulparkovskaya 226 a;

Phone: 0-800-210-192.