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BODY LPG is the first in Ukraine network of massage studios for body correction and oval face using the latest generation of LPG technology. The main thing, lipomassage is:

  • Reduction of local and "persistent" fatty deposits;
  • Reducing the manifestations of cellulite;
  • Drainage and removal of toxins from the body;
  • Lifting and modeling of the harmonious contour;
  • Increase the density and elasticity of the skin.

LPG-7 is the only cosmetology technology using cyclic vacuum, which allows to achieve space losses in body volumes and recovery of collagen in the face cells. Massage will make the skin extraordinarily soft and supple, and also give it an inner glow. This is the only technology that can reduce the biological age of the skin for 7-10 years and significantly slow down the natural aging process in the future. You will see the result after the first procedure!

Our features:

  • The only in Ukraine LPG device of the 7th generation.
  • We are located in the biggest shopping centers in Kiev, so you can go through the procedure at a convenient place for you.
  • This is the "lunch time" procedure. Even if your work schedule does not allow you to allocate a lot of time to care for yourself, you can always go through the procedure at a convenient time for you.
  • We choose an integrated approach to losing weight, for the maximum convenience of our customers, so we work with companies such as: Q-fit, Heavenly Krinitsa, Child Planet, Citrus Academy, Hub4you, etc. We believe that a healthy sleep + proper nutrition + exercise + LPG massage is the ideal formula for a tight and healthy body.
  • BODY ACADEMY is the first academy of your body. You can learn more about healthy nutrition, the right diet and how this affects success.

Our addresses in Kiev:

TRC "Gulliver" ul.Sportivnaya square, 1A (3rd floor);

ТРЦ "Глобус" third line ул.Институтская, 2;

SEC "Silver Breeze" Prospekt Tychiny, 1B (3rd floor);

TRC "Ukraine" Victory Square, 3 (4th floor);

SEC "Arcadia" Dneprovskaya embankment, 33 (1 floor);

SEC "Arcadia" Borshchagovskaya, 154 (1 floor);

SEC "Dream Town 1" Obolonsky prospect, 1B;

SEC Ametist, village Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka, Sadovaya street, 1B.

Our salons:

Kolomievsky pereulok, 17 / 31A (1st floor);

Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, 2/54;

Vyshgorodskaya Street, 45а;

Sofievskaya Street, 16;

Shelkovichnaya street, 32/34;

Vozdvizhenskaya street, 28-30;

Dragomirov Street 15;

Dragomanov Street, 6/1;

Our website: www.bodylpg.com