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Au nom de la rose

Au nom de la rose (In the name of the rose) is one of the leaders of French floristics. The company was established in 1991 and over the years of its existence has gained popularity not only in France, but also abroad. Today, more than 80 Au nom de la rose shops have been opened all over the world, in such countries as Russia, Ukraine, China, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Chile, Lebanon, Kuwait, etc. Our approach to floristry has generated a passion for roses, as it is the queen of all flowers, charming with her beauty and refinement.

* distribution of the Local card with a cumulative balance

Based on the unique concept, In the name of a rose with a French charm turns this beautiful creation of nature into an exquisite gift that every girl would like to receive.

Our address in Kiev: st. Sitchovyh stiltsiv, 53/51

Our website: aunomdelarose.com.ua

+38 044 232 8942;

+38 044 486 83 96.